Committee Member - Natasa Ellina


Natasa was born in Nicosia and she is a graduate of the University of Cyprus with a degree in Economics. She obtained her Master degree in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour from the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM). In order to accomplish her MSc she worked as an intern for three months in the Human Resource Department of Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA). She worked as an Administrative Officer in a real estate network agent Starland Enterprises Ltd (CENTYRY 21 Greece & Cyprus) and also as an Assistant Manager at K-Cineplex in Nicosia. She worked as a Human Resources Officer in “Cybarco Ltd” and also as an Administrative Officer at the Secretariat of Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2012 and specifically at the Logistics Unit (Transportation, Airport and Liaison Officers). Natasa worked also as an Inspector of Labour Relations in the Department of Labour Relations (Ministry of Labour & Social Security) at Larnaca District Office. Currently, she works as a Human Resource Manager in TGI Fridays Cyprus (Brainstorm Enterprises Ltd). Her articles “The Role of Human Resource Management”, Human Capital and Performance”, “Human Capital is the power of an Organization” have been published in Cyprus newspapers. Natasa is a member of the CyHRMA since 2008. She has participated in the Annual General Meetings of the Association by assisting in the programme presentation of the event (2010 and 2011).